Barre Classes

Barre class in North Wales

Lucy Palmer’s Pilates also run barre (ballet conditioning) classes in the North Wales, Flintshire & Chester areas. These classes have a huge following in cities around the world and are now available in your local area.

What is a barre class?

It’s a unique class that fuses ballet conditioning exercises with the benefits of classic Pilates & stretching.

This deceptively challenging class will give you the toned, supple body of a dance by elongating muscles & improving flexibility.

The exercises work large muscle groups, but also target the smaller postural muscles that make subtle, but noticeable differences to your body & muscle tone.

You are guaranteed to work every muscle fibre in your body during a class.

Are these classes for me?

Absolutely yes! No dance or fitness experience needed. Just wear something comfortable that you can move & stretch in with socks or bare feet. Classes are 1 hour long.

Where are the classes?

Contact me for further details on current venues.

Booking essential as limited small class size.

Contact me for more details or to book your place at the barre.

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